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Ajman Modern School is an American curriculum school founded in 2005 and is welcoming students from Kindergarten up to Grade 12.

We follow the New York State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards throughout the school, giving our students the benefit of an American curriculum in a deeply rooted Ajman community. On top of this, students also partake in Ministry of Education subjects such as Arabic, Islamic education, moral education and UAE social studies for a greater understanding of the country we all call home. 

Furthermore, we aim to educate the whole child by offering opportunities such as extra-curricular activities, educational field trips, an on-site counselor and special needs coordinator. We are also truly committing ourselves to implementing the National Agenda of the UAE and enabling our students to meet, and even exceed, the aims of this dynamic program.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Ajman Modern School community and to become part of your child’s educational journey.

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