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Middle School Curriculum

In middle school, students will focus on:

  • English: Literary interpretation, analytical writing and oral communication skills
  • Mathematics: Problem-solving skills in geometry, algebra, probability and statistics
  • Science: Earth, physical, and life science that are integrated into a general science class
  • Social studies: mandated by the Ministry of Education, students follow the UAE Framework for social studies
  • World languages: Language development in a modern foreign language, such as French
  • Music: Exploration of famous composers and their works
  • Art: Studies of great works of art, and the artists and cultures behind them

Upon completion of Grade 8, students shall transition to high school, marking the final phase of their academic journey at Ajman Modern School.

High School Curriculum

During high school, students take the following subjects: English, mathematics, sciences, modern foreign languages, social studies, physical education, visual and performing arts, Arabic, Islamic education, moral education and UAE social studies until grade 11. At this point they are able to choose elective modules.

Each student shall be offered guidance when selecting their elective modules to ensure they are selecting subjects that best match their goals and passions.

This final stage of compulsory schooling critically prepares students for life after Ajman Modern School, refining their skills and ensuring they become contributing global citizens.

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