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The effective teaching of a US Curriculum, based on New York States Standards, lies at the core of our student academic development program.  We continue to meet UAE requirements in relation to Arabic, Islamic Studies, UAE Social Studies and Moral Education, ensuring they are embedded within our determined teaching of the US Curriculum.

Our work is aligned to match, and exceed, the international standards that are expected of American schools across the globe. We want our students to have an International American learning experience, one that both increases each child’s awareness of the global community but also harbors an unwavering appreciation for the UAE.  

The standards and content for each grade and subject, including the electives, are determined by the New York State Standards and the school is guided by the leadership of the Ministry of Education.

Such a diverse approach to education allows for the creation of an exciting and skilled Ajman Modern School community. We wish to foster each student’s academic passions so they are able to make meaningful contributions to the school body and beyond. Ajman Modern School parents shall watch their children blossom under our curriculum and watch them become enlightened students as they progress through our school.

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